God's Little Angels Daycare

God's Little Angels Daycare

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God's Girls Babysitting Service is geared towards the demanding needs of the parents.  As an extension of God's Little Angels Daycare, parents have the option of drop-off service or the employees can come to your home.  If you need a date night, run some errands, or just some "Me" time, we are here to serve your needs.  Our team is CPR & First Aid Certified.

Our Services

God's Girls Babysitting Service is an extension of our daycare. This service is offered Friday through Sunday for the parents to enjoy a date night, run some errands, or just some "Me" time.  Our staff is trained in CPR & First Aid, 

God’s Little Angels Daycare offers child care services at affordable rates. We provide a safe learning environment for children as early as six weeks old until they reach school age. We are a NAFCC-accredited daycare in Columbia, South Carolina.

Our Daycare Activities

Inside Play


The children’s play area consists of music, blocks, manipulatives, creative expression, and art. In these areas, the children are able to enhance their gross and fine motor skills as well as their imagination through pretend play.

The toys are safe, labeled, and at eye-level for easy access and storage without adult supervision, creating a print-rich environment. Although infants are not separated, they also have their own area to explore and develop their muscles.

Keeping in line with kindergarten readiness, the children of preschool age (3-4) will also gain knowledge in computer skills daily. This helps development their hand/eye coordination as well as assess their cognitive development of phonics and math skills.

Outdoor Play

We enjoy the amenities of the local park for outside exploration and play in the mornings and afternoons, if weather permits. The children can enhance their gross motor skill (large muscles) through running, riding, and jumping in a fenced area free of pets.

Family Style Dining

We practice family style dining which reinforces the children’s self-help and fine motor skills. The children assist in setting the table; have conversations about food recognition, and participate in cleaning afterward.

Quiet Area

After lunch, the children are offered the opportunity to rest and relax to quiet music for at least two hours.

G.L.A.D. We’re Family

Educating and developing children socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively is our passion. Therefore, the quality of care that we offer is not based on race, national origin, political belief, disability, color, religion, age, or sex. You can be assured that while your child is in our care, he or she will be safe and secure. G.L.A.D. operates on an open door policy, so you are encouraged to visit.